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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

About Me (1)

Hi, my name is Ling Si Hui Shiho. You can call me Si Hui or Shiho as i don't really mind if you call me with either name.I am a half Japanese and Shiho is my Japanese name. I like to play basketball  and watch anime. My most favorite anime is one piece. I am quite talkative when i am talking to my friends but sometimes quiet in class.


  1. Dear Shiho

    Please insert the link to the PICASA album in this post.

  2. It seems like the link does not lead to the album
    Error Message: "Sorry, that page was not found."

    Apart from this, instead of pasting the URL in the post, key in words like "My Album", then insert the URL as a hyperlink to the words.

    1. i'm sorry but i'm not sure how to insert the URL as a hyperlink to the words. Can you please teach how to do that?